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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are titanium implants that work as roots for the prosthetic crown to replace damaged or lost teeth. The implant is made from 3 components, the titanium screw anchoring the structure, the implant abutment supporting the crown, and the implant crown functioning as the tooth. The procedure involves surgery, where the metal post (screw) inserted into the jaw bone to hold the crown or bridge into place. With time, the bone fuses with the implant screw, making the fixture durable and strong. Most modern dental implants serve as a lifetime solution with little maintenance.

100% Success Dental Implant Success Rate

Dental Implants Vs. Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is another dental restoration solution used for replacing one or more damaged or missing teeth by forming a bridge attached to the natural teeth. Traditional dental bridges need the adjacent teeth to be grinded or trimmed down to anchor the bridges . This can cause sensitivity of teeth or even making the teeth susceptible for more decay . Since they require neighboring teeth to be damaged today’s dental experts recommend implants over bridges. Here are 6 reasons why.

  • Pain Management

Unlike dentures and bridges, the procedure is one time and does not involve any pain after the implant screw is fused with the bone. The local anesthesia eliminates the pain of the implant procedure.

  • Lifespan and Durability

Dental bridges can cause gum and bones loss in long-term use whereas dental implants prevent bone loss and gum erosion due to their material properties.

  • Adjustment of Tooth

The neighboring teeth often become a casualty as they are reduced to support the crown. In dental implants, no surrounding teeth are conditioned to support the crown structure.

  • Aesthetical Customization

Dental implant allows the maxillofacial surgeon to customize the facial aesthetics with size and shape of the tooth and renders more pleasing results than dental bridges.

  • Mechanical Strength

While dental bridges restore the mechanical function of the teeth, some foods still require caution while eating. With dental implants, the person can eat and chew anything without restrain.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

  • A single tooth implant can be used to support a bridge.
  • Are more stable and comfortable than any other dental solutions available
  • Have a great success rate and require minimum to zero cost on maintenance
  • Does not affect other functions of the mouth and helps preserve oral health
  • Can be regularly brushed, flossed, or treated without causing complications
  • Great solution for facial aesthetic improvement, preventing bones loss and gum erosion
  • Improves overall physiological health, increasing confidence while smiling and eating
  • Do not require distasteful adhesives or plastic coverings that affect the flavor of food
  • Gives natural sensation when eating since the tooth is fused with the bone

Same Day Implants

The idea of dental implants goes as back as 4000 years, from ancient civilizations of China who used pegs carved from bamboo and tapped into the jaw bone to replace lost teeth. To date, technology in dental implants has completely revolutionized the way dentistry was practiced, miniaturizing the most complex procedures in fractions of their total time. With today’s technological interventions, you can get a dental implant fixed to its full function in just a matter of hours. This is where Dr. Thomas steps in.

What are Same Day Implants?

Same day dental implant is technology’s latest gift to dentistry. At Dr. Thomas Clinic, we follow a set of protocols, starting from consultation, patient’s suitability, dental scan and finally the surgery. The surgery is a one-day procedure in which the tooth is extracted and the implant is strategically loaded into the jawbone, eliminating the need for complex bone grafts and conditioning.

State of the Art Physio Dispensers and Piezoelectric Bone Surgery Unit

The state of the art physio dispenser is the crown jewel of our clinic. This allows us to place implants with highly accurate calibrations, removing any guesswork from the process so every surgical placement is precise to a micro millimeter. It not only prevents vital nerves from being damaged but buffs away the challenges of inserting implants into different quality of bones from a height, width and depth and density. On top of that, we use for extreme precision and safety, giving micrometric cutting results for sectioning mineralized bone structures of the jaw.

Why Choose Dr. Thomas’s Clinic?

  • Specialized clinic facility designed exclusively for dental implants procedures
  • Piezoelectric bone surgery unit for highly technical sinus grafting
  • State of the art physio – dispensers for accurate calibrations for different bones quality
  • The surgical instruments procured from different parts of the world
  • high power evacuates to retain the surgical site blood free
  • Tailored light source for optimum visibility of the surgical site
  • Sensor recognized hand motion of light source for the maximum asepsis
  • Joint free flooring and walls easy and efficient disinfection
  • For Lifetime Warranty of Dental Implants please contact us now and get free consultation.

Huge inventory of different brands of implants so a wide choice is available to suit any clinical scenario

Supporting staffs are specifically trained to prepare and assist dental implant procedures. They have assisted hundreds of cases day in day out

Above all Dr Thomas personally does all the implant cases by himself. Get treated by a surgeon who is performing dental implant treatment exclusively over 23 years. This experience and expertise is unmatched


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