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Dental Implants is a gold-standard dental solution to replace single or multiple missing teeth, and often quite expensive in developed countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, and the USA. To get around the unaffordability barrier, a common practice among patients is to travel to countries where high-quality dental implants are affordable and involve minimum installation time. Dubai fosters one of World’s biggest sectors for medical services and hosts a dedicated zone for healthcare activities, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). With almost zero taxation, specialized incentives and minimum capital requirement on business setups, DHCC makes a sound destination for getting high-quality dental implants in affordable packages.


Why Dental Implants Are Expensive?

Although the cost of dental implants is high, the amount is entirely justified considering the lifetime benefits it gives to the owner. When we do the math, the return on investment you get from installing a dental implant is fairly experienced and seen from the healthy, functional and beautiful smile you own after. However, you must also understand why the one-time investment is costly compared to other dental solutions. Here is why:

  • While titanium is not an expensive metal, the process of refining and crafting it is
  • Each crown is accurately designed in accordance with the patient’s tooth shape and dimensions
  • The process of molding the material to build a crown into a 3D model is expensive
  • High precision equipment is used which is also expensive and not very easily available
  • The doctor that performs the procedure must be highly qualified and skilled professional
  • Routine checkups are conducted to ensure the implant is working to its best performance
  • Clinics include aesthetic modeling of the smile which further involves a maxillofacial expert
  • Clinics also offer guarantees which include medical insurance and instant replacement

What To Look After When Choosing Your Dental Implant Clinic?

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy dental implant clinic is crucial to ensure your smile is ever radiant and the money you spend is worth the services you get. This requires a thorough research on the best dental implant clinic in Dubai and the implant surgeon who will operate your teeth. Since the dental implant is considered an expensive procedure, many dental clinics add hidden charges and used low-quality materials to mislead patients.

  • Hidden Charges

To mask the actual price, some dental implants clinics often advertise their packages at lower prices to mislead customers to their clinic. Such clinics reveal the hidden charges once the invoice is generated which includes a detailed pricing of abutments, extra cost for the crown and other minor costs for procedure, equipment, and materials.

  • Low-Quality Dental Implant

In other cases, clinics cut their costs by providing substandard services but charge fully for the implant procedure. This becomes easily evident when the clinic claims they only use one type of brand, design or technique for the implant which is highly questionable since dental problems in every patient require unique clinical care. Most reputed dental clinics offer a range of materials, techniques, and procedures to ensure the situation is met with the appropriate medical care and comfort the patient has paid for.

  • Immediate Loading Claim

While the same-day implant technology has turned the tide of traditional dental implant practices, it is important the patient understands how the procedure works.
Same-day implant allows the dental surgeon to load the implant screw into the jaw bone of the patient in less than an hour’s chair-time without the need for bone grafting or any other special treatments. However, it also requires the patient to be medically fit for the procedure which unprofessional dental implant clinics avoid mentioning. For instance, smokers and diabetics require certain tests and medication to become medically fit for the procedure. Operating on a medically unfit patient can cause severe complications such as:

  • Excessive bleeding, infection, and trauma on the implant site
  • Damage or injury to the surrounding teeth, gums and blood vessels
  • Damage to the nerves resulting in pain, tingling, and numbness in natural teeth

Why Choose Dental Implant In Dubai?

Overseas treatment centers in Dubai are a sound proposition for patients seeking affordable and gold-standard dental implant solutions. It is wise to do your research on the internet by reviewing customer testimonials, feedback on forums and social media sections to get a clean and unbiased word of mouth.
Clinics that specialize in dental implants are preferable since they are far more familiar with implant treatments and offer a range of procedures assisted by high-tech equipment such as advance 3D DVT Scanners and piezoelectric bone surgery unit.

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