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Few Missing Teeth

Missing teeth affect the whole body, hindering a person’s lifestyle both physically and psychologically. Over the years, same-day dental implants have emerged as an ultimate dental restoration solution for multiple missing teeth, improving the patients bite, speech and eating choices in just a day’s time. Unlike traditional bridges and dentures, an implant is embedded into the jawbone, rendering a permanent foundation for the artificial tooth. This helps safeguard and preserve the bone structure, oral health and overall appearance without involving modification to surrounding natural teeth structure, distasteful adhesives or uncomfortable frameworks.

Health Risks with Missing Teeth

  • If the person continues to eat foot with absent teeth, the TM joints begin to exhaust which leads to facial pain, headaches, and other arthritic problems.
  • Over time, toothless jaw causes jaw bones to shrink which leaves sunken cheeks that severely affects the cosmetic structure of the face
  • Very demanding and costly additional surgical procedures such as cosmetic reconstruction and remodeling may be needed to augment the shrunken bone.
  • According to study, a person with missing teeth will lose 25% of his/her supporting jawbone structure in only a matter of a year after tooth loss.
  • The person is highly vulnerable to develop gum diseases which can further endanger the surrounding healthy teeth which are functioning properly
  • Missing teeth leave the adjacent teeth more susceptible to injury or damage from trauma since no surrounding structure is present to absorb the shock

Why Choose Dental Implants

As opposed to cemented bridges or fixed frameworks, implant-supported restorations do not require modifications on the patient’s natural teeth structure, but instead are anchored to the jaw bone through a titanium or zirconium post. With today’s technology, high-grade materials are used for manufacturing and modeling crowns and bridges which give same light reflecting and translucence qualities of natural enamel. At Dr. Thomas Clinic, we offer multiple single implants and implant-supported bridges for missing teeth arch. While an implant can be topped with a single crown, the root is so strong that it can easily support a bridge, making the solution more economical. For example, 2 implants can ideally support a three-unit bridge to replace a missing arch.

  • Multiple Single Implants

Multiple single implants are the optimum dental restoration solution for multiple missing teeth. In this treatment, every implant independently holds the crown, keeping the jaw stimulated, healthy and safe from bone loss.

  • Implant-Supported Bridge

Implant supported bridge is the next best dental restoration option for multiple missing teeth. The treatment involves two or more implants (depending on the number of missing teeth) which are strategically screwed to the jaw bone to support a fixed bridgework of crowns.

  • Fast Dental Rehabilitation

Same-day implant is an amazing aesthetic restoration solution, bringing back and improving the patient’s smile almost immediately through a painless procedure.

Benefits of Implants Supported Bridge

  • Cost effective as 2 implants can support 3 crowns in a bridge
  • Does not compromise bite/chew strength and efficiency of the non-implant tooth
  • Keeps the surrounding teeth, gum line and other tissues intact
  • No dietary restrictions on as the person can eat essentially anything
  • Preserves the jaw bone by stopping bone absorption process
  • Gives aesthetic improvement by preventing the sinking of facial muscles
  • As a permanent dental restoration solution, doesn’t require adhesives or cleaning procedures

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