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Dental Implant Clinic JLT, Dubai

Dr.Thomas Dental Implant Clinic DMCC is a low volume clinic devoted to routinely performing complex dental procedures. We specialize in dental implant treatments and full mouth rehabilitation.

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Dental implant clinic in Dubai

Dr. Thomas is a consultant maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist who has specialized in complex dental implant treatment. His expertise and experience in the field has gained recognition from the people all over the world. Today he is one of the most sought-after dental implant surgeons who is distinguished as the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated dentist who provides the best dental treatment in Dubai.

Unlike in other clinics Dr Thomas clinic in UAE predominantly focuses on dental implant treatment. The clinic is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment’s including OPG and CBCT xray system. The clinic is designed specifically for performing complex dental implant surgery.

Since the clinic does volumes treatment, we can give affordable dental implant treatment cost. High quality but less expensive treatment is the biggest attraction. Patients search for cheap dental implant treatment, but they get high quality treatment with a fraction of the price. Hence dental tourism is on the rise and patients travel from across the globe exclusively for the treatment.

For extensive cases clinic offers instalments and tailor made payment plans.

Dental Implant for Severe Gum Infection

Dental implants serve an ideal dental restoration solution for infected, rotten or decaying teeth as a result of severe gum infections

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

We recommend full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment for patients with 80% or more missing teeth in which all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants are loaded


dental implant client

Helio Carrilho (U.S.A)

VICKY-PITMAN dental implant client

Vicky Pitman & Antony Pitman (United Kingdom)

John_Meehan dental implant client

John Meehan (Ireland)


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Why Choose Dr. Thomas

To help you make an informed decision in choosing the right dental implant surgeon, we encourage you to read the accomplishments Dr. Thomas in his professional career.

You can always contact our clinic at 0097144525751 and 00971527989333, or leave a query through our website.

Dr Thomas is a fully trained maxillofacial surgeon who worked in centers of excellence in UK and Ireland with 28 years of professional experience. Dr Thomas has the fellowship from the Royal college of surgeons Ireland in Maxillofacial surgery.

Dr Thomas owns two clinics one in Dubai and the other in Kerala, India which predominantly focuses on dental implant treatment. Both the clinics are fitted with state-of-the-art facilities including OPG and CBCT Xray systems. Intra oral scanning and porcelain milling machines.

Dr Thomas does around 1500 implants per year. Over 12000 implants placed till date. Routinely does cranio facial implants. Routinely does sinus grafting and bone augmentation procedures

Familiar with more than 20 different brands of implant systems. To name few we have Strauman, Nobelbiocare, Zimmer, Osstem, . Biohorizone ,Neobiotec, TRI, ETK from France, MSI and Aden from USA This diversity helps us to work with any implant systems

The patients on whom treatments carried out by Dr Thomas the implants are functional even after 25 years.

Patients come from all over the world exclusively for treatment

We have a four-star hotel and a clinic all in one premises. This combination is very convenient for patients coming from overseas. The patients are greeted and received from airport to the hotel. As the clinic is in the top floor of the hotel patients do not have to commute. The hotel has multi cuisine restaurants, roof top gardens and other amenities.

+971 4 452 5751

Dr. Thomas'


  • Recognized by ICOI-USA as the most innovative dental implant surgeon who uses the most modern dental implants treatment techniques.
  • Certified by Dubai Health Authority as the Specialist Implantologist, Consultant and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Member of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (Maxillofacial)
  • Member of the AOMSI, India (Association of maxillofacial surgeons).
  • Director and Chief Implantologist, Scientific Dental clinic, India.
  • Director and Chief Implantologist , Dr Thomas dental implant clinic , Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • HOD, Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Hospital, Cochin.
  • Sr. Consultant Orthognathic Surgeon, Multidisciplinary Programme Dept. of Orthodontics, A.B Shetty Dental College, India.
  • Chairman of Sun Foundation, A charitable trust for people with facial deformities.
  • Consultant Dental Surgeon, Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Velloor Indian Airlines – Kochi.
  • Former Maxillofacial Registrar at Cambridge university , UK
  • Former maxillofacial Registrar at St. James Hospital ,Dublin Ireland.
  • 1500 dental implants per year; provides more than 20 types of dental implants.
  • 28 years of experience 
  • Provides sinus augmentation surgery with autogenous bone grafting in routine dental implant practice.
  • Routinely does sinus grafting and other bone augmentation procedures
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