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Helio Carrilho (U.S.A)

dental implant client

Hello Dr.Biju, It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I give my testimonial about my experience with Dr.Biju and his staff at Scientific Dental Clinic, which did a great work in restoring my mouth to is natural look and function. Now I have new and beautiful teeth that look great and natural, now I can smile with no fears.

For 3 or 4 years, since I lost my back teeth and bridges, that I was eating with the front teeth. And also my front implant, done in the U.S.A., that from the beginning was a little twisted started to look bad, as the 2 side teeth went under the it. Last year I learned about Medical Tourism, and that was my opportunity to fix that situation with implants at affordable costs.

Trough the internet I found and I choose gladly Dr.Biju and his Scientific Dental clinic at Kerala, India, for three mainly reasons; is impressive curriculum, for being a Maxillo Facial surgeon, is expertise as a implantologist and for is dedication primarily to implants. Also the great prices.

I meet Dr.Biju in March, 2010, with not much preparation from my part, everything went so fast. I sent to him one photo of bad implant, that was my great concern how to fix it, and a copy of a Rx of a area where I had some space between teeth. Dr.Biju told me that he could fix the bad implant and to came, so I did.

From the beginning at my arrival to Dr.Biju’s clinic that he was always very friendly, warm, that after some minutes talking I felt like he was an old friend and he is very attentive to the conversation. Dr. Biju has on great approach with is patients which is to spend always time with them before and after the treatments. Other remarkable attitude of Dr.Biju,is to make sure that you do understand what is going to do, he answers all your questions,doubts or concerns about any dental treatment, and advises in what is the best solution for you.

At the professional level my experience with Dr.Biju is simply amazing. I observed great concentration and focus when he was working, at the same time is very relaxed. The work runs very smooth, no pains, and he always has time,during the work, to teach is assistants. I was also impressed by Dr.Biju attention to detail and perfection on all his work. Sometimes I thought that he was done and here he goes until he felt that was perfect. And I ‘d say his love and passion for his profession; every time He finished a treatment he was smiling with satisfaction and proud of his work, and to show me. All these qualities and capabilities make Dr.Biju one of a kind in the implantology field.

I have also a word for his assistants, they also are great and very dedicated, and in particular is direct assistant who is also a great professional with the same attention to detail, perfectionist and passion. The result of his work; perfect and beautiful crowns.

In March, 2010, my first visit to Dr.Biju performed amazingly 11 dental implants, 3 teeth extractions, removed 2 bridges to do some implants in missing teeth, that lather were replaced for new ones for the healing time, so I could eat. For the bad implant I was presented with 2 solutions, one to completely remove the implant and do another implant in the right place and aligned or remove the crown and abutment and cap it and built a bridge between the lateral teeth, this was my choice which worked beautifully. These work started with the teeth preparation for the crowns, and I was surprised by Dr.Biju technique and skills is something remarkable,amazing. At that moment I knew that I dad done the right decision to came to Dr.Biju. The implants for Dr.Biju is like one, two three, and they are done in minutes. All these work was done with no pain, no swallow from the extractions, in 9 days.

In September,2010, I returned to finish the implants.

Dr.Biju removed the “temporary bridges” and tested the implants to see if they were accepted and they did. After that was the insetting of the abutments and their alignment, followed by the proof of the crowns. Here one more time Dr.Biju and his assistant did a magnificent job. I had also the extraction of a bad wise tooth, in my first visit a had afraid to do it, and went painless and no swallow, I only took one pain killer at the end of that day and was ok.

For my visit to Dr.Biju in Cohin,Kerala,India,I got not only new beautiful teeth and a new smile, but also got ‘know” the beautiful people of Kerala, the great Kerala food and to see a little of the amazing area of Munnar- tea plantations and rain florets.

For someone looking for dental implants and other serious and difficult dental problems, I highly recommend Dr.Biju and his Scientific Dental Clinic.I’m sure you will experiment the same great service that I and others experienced and be happy with the results.

Thank you very much Dr.Biju and all your staff

Best Regards, Gratefully,
Helio Carrilho

Clifton, NJ, U.S.A

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