Same Day Implants

What Is A Same-Day Implant?

Technology in dental implants has completely revolutionized the way dentistry was practiced, miniaturizing the most complex procedures in just fractions of their total time. With today’s technological advancements, you can get a dental implant fixed to its full function only in a matter of hours. This ingenious treatment is known as Same-Day Dental Implant.

Achieve a Perfect Smile in Just a Days’ Time

Same-day or one-day dental implant is technology’s latest gift to dentistry. The procedure involves a set of protocols, starting from consultation, patient’s suitability, dental scan and finally the surgery.
The dental surgeon first consults the patient, guiding and advising with the right course of action for their dental problem. During this stage, the patient’s medical history is reviewed to ensure he/she is eligible for the procedure. Then a series of medical tests such as X-ray, CT scan, dental photographs, and scans are taken to analyze and plan the operation.
The surgery is a one-day operation in which the tooth is extracted and the implant is strategically loaded into the jawbone, eliminating the need for complex bone grafts and conditioning.

  • When a person loses a tooth, same-day dental implant can immediately replace it by loading a titanium post into the jaw bone and attaching a crown to its abutment.
  • In case of multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge is attached to one of the implants, eliminating the need of multiple implant insertions and separate crowns.
  • One-day implant procedure is quite useful for rotten teeth, providing an instant replacement to unsightly teeth and restoring a great looking smile.
  • Even if the patient has lost all his/her teeth, same-day dental implant allows full-mouth rehabilitation through All-on-4, or All-on-6 implant treatment restoring all teeth to their full function.
  • Patients suffering from loose dentures and outdated dental bridges can put an end to their discomfort by stabilizing them with dental implants, eliminating unnecessary movements.

Same Day Implants Vs. Traditional Implants

  • Less Time Consumed

The most obvious benefit is the time savings. Same-day dental implant dramatically cuts down the 30-day process just to a day, giving the same level of function a traditional implant does.

  • No Tissue Remodeling

In same-day implant, the crown is immediately attached to the abutment on the titanium joint. This allows the gum to grow around it, giving it a more natural look without the need of tissue remodeling.

  • Fast Dental Rehabilitation

Same-day implant is an amazing aesthetic restoration solution, bringing back and improving the patient’s smile almost immediately through a painless procedure.

  • Complimentary Aesthetic Improvements

Many imperfections caused by natural defects such as unsightly teeth gaps and spaces are automatically fixed during the same-day implant procedure

  • Minimally-Invasive Procedure

Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the patient does not have to go through extensive pain management from surgical techniques used in traditional implants such as bone grafting

  • Minimum Pain and Recovery Period

Compared to traditional dental implant, same-day dental implant takes advantage of tooth extraction process and significantly reduces the recovery and pain management period for the patient

Why Choose Dr. Thomas’s Dental Implant Clinic?

  • Specialized rooms designed for specific procedures
  • Piezoelectric bone surgery unit for highly technical sinus grafting
  • State of the art physio – dispensers for accurate calibrations for different bones quality
  • The surgical instruments procured from different parts of the world
  • high power evacuates to retain the surgical site blood free
  • Tailored light source for optimum visibility of the surgical site
  • Sensor recognized hand motion of light source for the maximum asepsis
  • Joint free flooring and walls easy and efficient disinfection

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Dr. Thomas

(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

Specialist Dental Implant Surgeon.

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