Dr. Thomas Dental Implant Clinic in Dubai stands as a beacon of innovation in dental implantology. Renowned for meticulous precision and cutting-edge technology, the clinic offers a transformative experience for those seeking dental Proceedure. Expertly fusing artistry with science, Dr. Thomas and his team ensure personalized care, tailoring solutions to individual needs. Whether it’s replacing a single tooth or a full arch restoration, the clinic’s commitment to durable and aesthetically pleasing results makes it a preferred choice for dental implants in Dubai, establishing smiles that are as confident as they are beautiful.

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This treatment is considered in the below conditions.

  • When all the teeth are missing and patients is already a denture wearer.
  • Extreme gum infection which has resulted in severe mobility of all the teeth.
  • Most of the teeth are decayed and beyond repair.
  • The remaining teeth are already root canal treated and recurrent abscess and not responding to repeated antibiotic treatment and other conventional treatment.
  • Many of the existing teeth are grinded to hold crown and bridges and are decayed under the crown and bridges making the bridges to fall out.
  • The remaining teeth are only few where a dental bridge cannot be successfully made.
  • Ill fitting or loose denture. This happens when the jaw bone shrinks on long term teeth less condition.
  • Most of the teeth are removed following a cancer surgery in the mouth or after a severe trauma as in the case of a major road traffic accident.
  • Very rarely to correct facial aesthetics as in the case of improper jaw proportion.


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Simple OPG X-ray to CT scan maybe necessary to assess the volume of jaw bone available to anchor implants. That way the position of vital structures like nerves, blood vessels and sinuses are located so that while placing the implants these vital structures  are not violated. With this examination the surgeon can assess the position of implant and the number of implants going to be used etc.

Types of Procedures

1. Single stage or Immediate loading also called as Same Day

full mouth dental implant in dubai
In this procedure dental implants are placed on the same day Abutments are attached, measurement is taken and temporary bridge is given in 6 hours time. A week later permanent bridge is given.

2. Two Stage procedure or delayed procedure

In this procedure are placed totally buried under the gum. These treatment are left unloaded for a period of minimum 3 months and during which time a temporary denture is given. After the healing period of 3 months the implants are uncovered measurements taken, and  implant supported bridges and crowns are fabricated and attached on the Thinks.
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Patients Missing All The Teeth

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Upper And Lower Implants In Place With Healing Caps On

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Abutments Placed On To The Same

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denture Fitted With The Bridge

3. Implant Supported Removable Denture

In this case 2 – 4 Prceedure are used to stabilize the denture. The denture is retained either on a ball abutment or on a bar which is attached to the Full mouth denture . This is an inexpensive way of full mouth dental implant treatment.

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4. All on 4 Procedure supported hybrid dental

In this case only 4 Procedure are used in each jaw and a screw retained acrylic denture is screwed on to intentionally tilted implant.
Full mouth dental implant treatment is quiet expensive in the west or Australasia. Hence it is a common practice that patients travel abroad for affordable treatment cost . But it is important that one should choose the right dental clinic and the dental surgeon to perform the procedure  as not many clinics are specializing in full mouth dental implant treatment. But at Dr Thomas Dental implant clinic  95% of the cases that we do is full mouth dental implant treatment. There is a clear 80% savings in treatment cost compared to full mouth dental implant treatment in West and Australasia.

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Dr. Thomas

(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

Specialist Dental Implant Surgeon.

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