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Dealing with Denture Problems

A common replacement for damaged or lost teeth are dentures, which can mimic the functionality of real teeth to a certain degree. Dentures are made from plastic and metallic materials and can be inserted and removed at the patient’s discretion. However, they only provide 10% biting efficiency, give very little stability, and have a high probability of missing their mark, which can result in patients biting their cheek or tongue.

Problems with Dentures

  • The removability comes at a cost as since they require cleaning several times a day
  • Affects speech and remain a slipping haphazard while smiling
  • Since the plat is covered, the quality of taste is affected while eating food
  • Biting power is significantly reduced to almost 10% of natural teeth
  • Causes the structural integrity and jaw strength to deteriorate with age
  • Have lesser aesthetic appeal and often cause the cheek muscles to sink

Why Choose Dental Implants?

  • The functionality is almost identical to natural teeth
  • Provide maximum strength since they are anchored to the jaw bone
  • Are permanent restoration solution and can be cleaned easily without requiring special devices or treatments
  • Do not affect speech but improve it by stabilizing the jaw and occupying gaps to prevent slurring
  • Implants have inert physicochemical properties hence do not react with body tissues and fluids.
  • Do not cause a bad sensation in taste.
  • Dental implants significantly improve facial aesthetics and structural integrity
  • Dental implants are indistinguishable from a cosmetic perspective.

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