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K.P.Joseph (India)

K_P_ Joseph dental implant client

HLet me begin by telling you that I am a happier man today than I was after undergoing dental implant procedures carried out on me successfully at the Scientific Dental Clinic, Kochi run by Dr Biju Thomas, BDS, and FFDRCSI.

Many of my teeth were missing especially the back ones in my upper and lower jaw. I do regularly visited dentists but a stage has come that I was offered a removable denture which was not acceptable for me. I enjoyed my oratory skills and on regular occasions I was invited for public speaking. I realized the removable dentures greatly impaired my social commitments. It is at this time I learned about dental implants.

I was in my seventies and at first had my doubts on the benefits of dental implant for loss of my teeth. Although I could not chew my food and that was creating embarrassing moments in dinners and receptions

After series of consultation with Dr Thomas a detailed treatment plan was sketched out and I took a long time to take decision. When I finally underwent the implant treatment, the procedure was painless and Dr Biju Thomas was goodness personified. The sessions were adjusted to my travel schedules and absences from India To brief the story I had 12 implants and 2 sinus grafting done. After a healing period of six months the permanent teeth was fixed. It is now two years since the whole treatment is complete.

I felt a normal person after the implant treatment. My confidence has soared and quality of my life has gone up. I no longer feel that I might look queer in dinners and tea sessions. The aesthetic aspect of implant treatment will be more crucial for younger people but even senior citizens like me cannot ignore the aspect. My system has accepted the implants with good grace. I now feel that I had taken the best decision in my life in recent years.
K.P. Joseph, Former UN Consultant, author, Writer.

By K.P.Joseph (India)

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