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Cheap Dental Implants vs. Quality Dental Implants.

How to choose your dental implantologist?

Dental implants have become the number one favored lost tooth substitute. This option did not get on the top for nothing. It is almost a lifetime solution. No need to take it off, wash it, or sanitize it. It looks natural that no one could point it out. Moreover, it performs like natural teeth if it does not outperform natural teeth. Previously people would forfeit this choice due to the popular belief that the process is too painful to tolerate. However, now patients know that it is not that painful, if it is painful at all! It is way less painful than having a tooth extracted or removed.


Are there cheap dental implants?


They are relatively expensive. However, the cost of dental implants rises or drops based on different factors:

1. The clinic or the implantologist’s location, Dubai in the UAE would be cheaper than Australia!
2. The experience of the implantologist or the surgeon
3. The implants quality and their material/brand
4. The dental services needed for the mouth/jaw before the process

There for, many aspects participate in controlling the cost of dental implants.


Do not go for the cheapest. Choose quality!


Choosing super cheap or low quality implants could lead to misfortunes, those downsides would include:

  • Implant instability

It is supposed to fully integrate with the bone, going for a cheap one or an unexperienced implantologist could lead to deficiency followed by mobility in the implant then its loss, hence failure of the entire process!

Most of the dental implants have appropriate amalgamation inside the bone in the decidedlocation in the mouth. In cases when the surrounding bone has been exhausted to a great extent then it is possible that the dental implants get mobile which leads to loss of the implant within months of the completion of the dental implants procedure.

  • Bone loss

Choosing unexperienced surgeon could lead to putting extra amount of pressure on the jawbone. Furthermore, they would disregard the need for bone graft (experience matters) leaving the jaw at the risk of deterioration, and decay. Moreover, it could lead to implant disintegration!

  • Infections

Putting yourself through an experience of opting for the cheapest puts you at the risk of getting an infection within the process of implantation. Like an inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding an implant (aka. Peri-Implantitis).


Choosing quality implants will save you all this hassle and guarantee that with proper dental hygiene you are opting for a lifetime tooth replacement.

Dr. Thomas is a renowned name in the world of dental implantology, has been in the field since 2000. With experience on his hands that stretches over 20 years, he has become one of the most internationally distinguished and acclaimed Implantologists. With strong associations with many of the prestigious dental organizations, Dr. Thomas has earned his success attracting patients from Australia, New Zealand, The USA, The UK and all the corners of the world! Outranking his peers for his dedication and efforts in focusing on nothing but the patients.Book an appointment today with one of the most stalwart Dental Implant Specialists in Dubai, UAE!


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