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Mike Drew (New Zealand)


Before I found Dr. Thomas, I’d had estimates to restore my teeth from implant specialists in the UK, Europe and Malaysia. I also visited the best in New Zealand, for three consultations. Here, I was made aware of what was possible and costs varied from $60,000 to $80,000nz.

By now I’d become quite an expert in what was available and knew the final bill would add at least a further 20%. All, including my regular dentist, advised me to have my remaining teeth (16) extracted, as although the fronts had some years left; it would be onerous to return to have them replaced when they finally gave out. Anyway, they’d appear as poor relations next to the new implants. But, I really couldn’t justify the cost.

I was at the stage of shelving ‘the dream’ when I came across Dr. Thomas and the Scientific Dental Clinic, in Kerala, India. As opposed to Malaysia (the most reasonable costs, so far) we were communicating in English, making everything very clear. The treatment I could expect was not only a fifth of my New Zealand costs, but also far more comprehensive. So, it was straight back to my dentist for further edification!

‘This Dr Thomas is a maxio-facial surgeon’, he explained, adding, ‘he’s vastly more experienced and qualified than an implantologist.’ So, I took what was to become one on my best decisions and made my first ever visit to India.

Although India appears quite frenetic, there’s no rush. You have to experience this to understand. I met with the delightful Dr. Thomas and we first chatted about life and my teeth for an hour, before popping into his surgery to start treatment. I’m not an expert, so won’t give a blow by blow account of the procedures, suffice to say; I have never experienced anything quite like it. The minimum of fuss for the maximum result and absolutely no pain.

The quality of the treatment allowed for a very relaxing holiday and enabled me to enjoy many of the delights of Kerala. Six months later, after my implants had bedded in, I returned and now have 18 implants and full sets (top and bottom) of new teeth. By profession I’m an actor, specializing in voice work, so it was imperative that the quality of work had to be of the highest order. I am hugely impressed with the expertise, quality of treatment and standard of hygiene I received from Dr. Thomas at SDC. He’s the kind of person you meet once in a lifetime and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

New Zealand

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Dr thomas dental implant clinic in dubai

Dr. Thomas


(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

Specialist Dental Implant Surgeon. Dr. Thomas is a highly...

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