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Donna Isaak (Yukon, Canada)

Donna thomas client

It has been a couple of months since my life changing treatments.

I had a lot to get used too including how to chew properly. My diet has changed for the better, another plus. After spending weeks researching the best dentist and clinic I could find for this type of procedure, I decided on Dr. Thomas. His experience and the patient’s testimonials convinced me that he was the right choice. He really is a master with a calming personality. I was given a choice of destination to choose from Dubai or Kerala. I chose Dubai and it was easier for me to come from Canada to Dubai. We got right to work and before I knew it I had 18 implants. A few months later, I returned and painlessly had THIRTY porcelain crowns placed in my mouth. I would highly recommend Dr. Thomas for any dental work including implants. The experience was very positive. A big thank you to Dr. Thomas and his caring staff.
Donna Isaak,
Yukon, Canada

Description by Dr. Thomas,
Donna Isaak was a denture wearer for 50yrs. There were severe shrinking of jawbones and specialized bone grafting procedures were needed to place the implants. Two stage procedures were done and all her implants survived giving a 100% success. All the procedures were done under local anesthesia. 50 years of teeth less condition resulted in severe shrinking of jawbones. Due to this placing of implants and recreating a facial profile with implants, supported prosthesis was taxing. But the functional result achieved is very promising.


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Dr thomas dental implant clinic in dubai

Dr. Thomas


(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

Specialist Dental Implant Surgeon. Dr. Thomas is a highly...

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