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Caryn Rudoltz (Australia)

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It’s with great pleasure that and with much gratitude that I give this testimonial to Dr Thomas and his wonderful staff from his clinic in Dubai. Dr. Thomas did a wonderful job with my full mouth restoration which began in April 2015 and was completely finished on my second visit to Dubai last October.

For many years I had become terribly phobic about seeing any dentist at all and consequently I developed some major dental issues. Finally in March of 2015 I went to see a dentist here in Australia who told me I was not a candidate for Implants and he devised a plan for me to see a periodontist on an ongoing basis after he extracted 14 teeth, under general anesthesia. This plan did not sit well with me as I would have a mouth full of missing teeth. Upon finding this out I contacted Dr Thomas, who I had emailed about 1 year prior to this but opted at that time to do nothing. The response was quick and he reassured me that his specialty was difficult cases, full mouth restorations etc. I obtained my OPG X-Ray and sent it to him via Email and got a very quick response that I could indeed have implants and to not allow anyone to extract my teeth as he will do everything. I failed to mention that I worked with a woman whose husband had had work done by Dr.Thomas in Kerala and was very happy with his results.

The whole procedure was explained to me step by step before I arrived in Dubai and when I finally came to Dr Biju’s Clinic I was met by a doctor (Dr.Thomas) who lives to make perfect implants. He was gentle in manner and very exacting during procedures. I was never frightened and for such an extensive procedure the discomfort was minor, as he had told me it would be.

I would not hesitate recommending Dr Thomas to anyone needing implants. The clinic in Dubai was very clean and modern and you get individual attention from Dr Thomas on every visit. Most of all you are getting an expert in his field when you use Dr Biju Thomas. I have gotten many compliments about my “new” mouth and I always name Dr Thomas as the man who did this for me.

Again, thank you Dr.Thomas for all you have done. I am smiling and eating normally for the first time in many years.

Thank you,

Caryn Rudoltz



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