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Wendy Klein (Australia)


I would like to share with you my journey of having dental implants with the Dr Biju Thomas in Kerala, in India. I am 53. 12 months ago, I had all my remaining teeth removed here in Australia by a dental surgeon as I have never had good teeth and decided to get them all out! False teeth were placed in immediately.

My misery with False teeth

The false teeth never fitted from day one and caused me much pain and a sore mouth and several mouth ulcers. After six months I had the dentures relined. Still did not fit any better. So another five weeks later had another reline done prior to going to Europe for a holiday. Still no better. I spent most of my holiday I Europe not wearing the lower denture. This was costing me each time I had an alignment done. I spent a lot of money on denture adhesives which did not help at all as they made the denture lop sided. I spent most of the time eating soft foods as was not able to chew anything as the dentures did not stay in the mouth! I could not even speak properly. For 11 months I was on soft foods and decided to read about implants as my dental technician said he could not make the dentures fit any better and go and get implants! So I had a few quotes and it was so very expensive.

My research for Dental implants

Then one night we had visitors come over for dinner and my husband was telling them how I have a dreadful time with my dentures. They said why not go overseas as it very cheap. They had gone to Vietnam for dental work. So they gave me the contacts but after several emails they finally replied. I wasn’t fussed on their slackness! So I got searching the web and came across quite a few implantologists all over Asia and also Dr Thomas. Sent off an email and within a few hours I had a reply. So emails were sent back and forth as I was rather apprehensive as I hate dentists with a passion! Each time Dr Thomas was able to answer any questions and concerns that I had. I was impressed with his quote and sent my OPG over to him. Once he received the OPG he emailed back and said I would need bone grafts as the bone was so thin. Anyway to cut a long story short I did not think I would get over until mid-2014 but then we were notified that our nursing unit will close for a month over Christmas so I thought it over and made up mind to go over during that time. Airfares were booked. I flew out of Brisbane on January 5th 2014 and first appointment with Dr Thomas was 6th January He sent his dental nurse to the hotel to collect me in a auto rickshaw so I knew where to go.. I went on my own as my husband was unable to get the time off. I was a little concerned travelling to India on my own but once arriving there my fears and concerns were alleviated.

Meeting with Dr Thomas and the treatment I had over a week

On meeting Dr Thomas for the very first time I was WOW so impressed! Everything was explained to me over and over and I could discuss any concerns I may have had with him. Not once was I ever rushed. He is the most patient surgeon I have ever come across and I have worked with many as I am a nurse working in a hospital. Dr Thomas is such a gentle, caring and very professional person. I was more than impressed with everything from the beginning to the end of stage 1. I had 16 permanent implants and 4 transitional implants placed in. The lower jaw was done first on day 2 and the upper jaw done on day three. Each jaw with the 10 implants and bone grafting only took 1 12 hours. So quick. I have a temporary denture only until I return to have stage 2 completed later in the year. What impressed me was Dr Thomas does all the work himself, he has no other surgeons or doctors on contract. What you see is what you get! It is such a personal treatment. One on one treatment. I was pain free throughout the whole procedure and not a lot of pain post implants. I guess you would describe this pain as the same as having a tooth out, well a bit better actually so I thought. My work was done under local anesthetic and Dr Thomas does not dare start any of the procedure until you are completely numb and you cannot feel a thing After two days I did have swelling and then a couple of days after that I had a bit of bruising, but this did not stop me from getting out and about.. Being a nurse I was most impressed with the aseptic technique used. I did not get any infections or sickness at all. He has a dental nurse assisting him and she runs a normal saline fluid through your mouth throughout the procedure. She is very good and caring. What really impressed me was that after the procedure, (cut gums, drilling, implants screwed in, bone grafts done and sutures) I walked out of his surgery without even requiring a gauze swab. There was very little bleeding. This just blew me away.

I also did some tours and sight seeing

Every day after going to Dr Thomas I would be out and about shopping, taking backwater cruises, day trip to the elephant forte sanctuary, ferrying over to Mattencherry and Forte Kochi, jumping on a local bus with the locals, going to the local markets, riding in auto rickshaws, swimming, so even though I had major dental work done I was still able to go out and about and it was a real bonus to be able to combine a holiday and get my dental work done at the same time. I cannot wait to come back to have stage two done and completed later in the year as there is so much more I want to see. There is nice beaches, rice paddy fields, tea plantations in the mountains lovely waterfalls etc so there is much to see and do. I just want to say the whole experience was fantastic.

I am back home

The sutures were removed a week after the implants were placed in. I was even able to eat the whole time during the treatment. Before I left his surgery I was able to eat without any dentures falling out and I could even eat a steak for the first time in 12 months. It has made a huge difference to my life already. I cannot believe that I can talk normal again and have no lisp and do have to to suck the denture in to stay in place. When I arrived back to Brisbane January 19th 2014 my husband met me and he started laughing as he said he not seen me with a full set of teeth for years. He said you look wonderful and fantastic. So he was very impressed. I am more than happy and so very grateful that I discovered Dr Thomas and I highly recommend anyone thinking about implants or crowns to contact Dr Thomas as you have not a thing to worry about as he very professional and knows his work inside out. It is recommended that you have hepatitis A injection and typhoid injections prior to going to India. Also I did take a course of Malaria tablets.

My Contact details

Please feel free to phone me on 0409486529 anytime or on my home number on 07-38494449. I do work Monday to Friday day shift so maybe best to contact me at night. You can also send me an email as well wendyklein50@gmail.com

I recommend you think seriously about going and Dr THOMAS IS THE BEST, as you will be and feel a new person. I also just want to mention that Dr Thomas is building his own hotel and his surgery/clinic will be on top of his hotel. This should be ready about mid year. So that will mean everything will be in the same place. This will be so much better.


I would like you to add this to your testimonies please. End of July 2014 I returned to Kerala to have my final work completed on my implants. I can honestly say everything went extremely well and I am over the moon with the end result. I can now eat and chew everything apples, steak nuts without any problems with my new teeth. I am very, very happy. I think I look amazing and so do all my friends. I saved 80% of the cost by going to India than if the work was performed here in Australia. Everything is on a professional basis and you are treated personally by Dr Thomas, who is very caring and understanding.

I am so pleased I chose this dental implant clinic as the results are just amazing! While there on spare days, when I didn’t have to visit the clinic I went on trips up to the tea plantations in the high mountains and then another day to the famous Indian Niagara falls and also a elephant camp. Then another afternoon I caught a ferry across to an island of Fort Kochi where you see the Chinese fishing nets and a small beach. It was truly worth seeing.

So not only did I get my full mouth of implants but also toured around all within 15 days of visiting there.

I would highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is considering implants or crowns as it will save you a considerable of money. Please feel free to contact me anytime. You will not regret having your work done in Kerala it is the safest state in all of India and they call it God’s own country. Wendy Klein Australia


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