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Justice Chandrashekar Das (India)


By the age of 65, I lost most of my upper teeth especially the back ones due to gum infection. My chewing was greatly compromised and few of the dental surgeons offered me removable denture which was not acceptable for me. Though I heard about dental implant treatment I was not aware that it was done by many dental surgeons in Kochi.

I did consulted few surgeons but I was told that there is not sufficient bone in my upper jaw. The other reason they discouraged me from having dental implant treatment is because I am Diabetic. It is at this time my close relative Dr Sajith who is a dental surgeon mentioned about Dr Biju Thomas and Scientific Dental Clinic. Dr Sajith met Dr Thomas on an occasion when Dr Thomas was giving a Talk on Dental implant treatment organized by dental association.

I fixed an appointment with him and we had long talk about the possibility of dental implant treatment. After an OPG X-ray to my surprise he told me that he would do a full upper implant supported bridge for me. I did ask him about my insufficient bone and my diabetic condition. He said he can work around that and to make the long story short on 28- 11 -04 he placed six implants on my top jaw along with two transitional implants. Healing went very well and I was given a temporary denture in few days time.

After six months time my implants were uncovered and a bridge was fabricated and attached to my implants.

It was at this time I was holding the position as the OMBUDSMAN for the state of Kerala. My work load was very high as I had to hear almost 30 to 40 grievances and pass judgment at the same time. I could not imagine me talking to 30 to 40 people in one day with removable denture. The implant supported teeth felt like my own teeth, so natural and real. My chewing is back to normal. I always had a small gap between my two front teeth and even that was created in my new teeth so my smile looked very natural. It is now 5 years have passed and my implant supported bridge is doing well. After my successful dental implant treatment my wife also had some dental implant treatment from Dr Thomas and now for the last three years she is using this implant supported teeth.

I wanted to share my experience with the other people to highlight the success of this treatment. It can change your life so much that the dental disability compromising your social life can be avoided.


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Former Judge of Bombay and Kerala High court
Former OMBUDSMAN for local self gevt instituitions , Kerala
Senior Advocate to Supreme Court of India
By Justice Chandrashekar Das (India)

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Dr thomas dental implant clinic in dubai

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