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Ian Comboy (United Kingdom)

Happy client

Dear Dr. Biju, Now I’m back in the UK after an amazing week with you and two weeks with my spiritual teacher in the Punjab, I feel I need to write to you to thank you for coming into my life at exactly the right time.

After holding on to my teeth for 65 years,things started to go wrong and teeth broke off,crowns and bridges became loose and I had two abcesses in a year. The prospect of dentures was looming fast. I knew of dental implants but these are prohibitively expensive in the UK. So, very uncharacteristically I searched Google for Dental Implants in India. Up came your website.

I was struck by your excellent profile and credentials and not least the testimonial letters from your patients which I now fully endorse. I am a very cautious person and do not take risks,and I surprised myself when I emailed you and booked an appointment to see you on 6th October 2006. The moment I met you I knew I was in safe hands. Over the next week I had six extractions, eleven implants and temporary denture made. Also my wife Dianne had seven crowns and root canal work.

I was struck by your the relaxed way and smile and your readiness to take time, give me a commentary, and short breaks when needed. This is very different from the ‘conveyor belt’ UK system. Your assistants also made me feel at home. The most striking thing was the obvious depth of your knowledge and expertise. I consider myself very fortunate to have found you and I am counting the days until I come back to you for my crowns. I can’t wait!!
With respect and many thanks.

Ian Comboy

Dear Biju,
When I left you back in October 2006 after my first course of treatment, I thought the six months I had to wait for the implants to integrate would last an eternity. As you remember I had 10 teeth of my own left and 11 new implants. Although you made me very natural looking dentures in 48hrs to fill the large gaps, I could not get on with these and they impeded my speaking and singing. So I opted to “hide” for six months, only fully smiling when was alone! In retrospect the six months went quickly and I was in Cochin again for ‘phase two’. Over those few weeks I was so impressed with the care,skill and generosity that came my way at your hands. knew from my last visit that I could trust you and I surrendered to your bounteous expertise and integrity.

I have been home for a month now and I cannot smile enough! You have made me proud to be me again! Everyone the knows of my dental “journey” says “Wow Ian, your teeth look fantastic. So natural and realistic.” The implants that I had dreamt of having for years are so strong and I can bite and chew with full confidence. They are much stronger than I remember my own teeth being. I can’t believe that only 7 months ago I walked into your surgery DESPERATE and praying that you could help me. Now I feel around my mouth with my tongue and I feel a full set of teeth, something I can’t even remember having before! Apart from my film star quality smile, my face is much fuller and has less lines. So no face lift for me!

Biju, I think you are a wonderful man and a fantastic dentist and implantologist. I particularly enjoyed your tremendous “passion” for your work and the unselfish way you treated me, sometimes well into the evening and at the weekends.

I am so VERY grateful and thank God that I ‘found’ you on the internet. It was a very big uncharacteristic risk for me to take, but turned out to be the most inspired thing I have ever done!! THANKYOU.

With much much gratitude.

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