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Christian Stucki (Australia)


This is a testimonial about our experience for Dental treatment that was performed at the Scientific Dental Clinic Kerala under Dr. Biju Thomas. In October 2012 I. Christian Stucki travelled to Kerala for some Implant surgery. As I am e dental coward, imagine the apprehension I felt on my trip there and my first appointment with Dr. Biju.

I was picked up next morning from my Hotel by one of his Dental Nurses, the weather was hot, and so I had an excuse for my sweaty palms. Arriving at the clinic I started to wonder, what the hell have I let myself in for. Not a flash Building with lavish rooms and all the glitz that you find in some other establishments around the world. After the first consultation and thorough explanation about the plan of attack I started to realize that you pay for the expertise rather than the make up.

Dr.Biju is an extremely well qualified Dental Implant Surgeon and at his clinic every patient is treated by him personally, he is the man with the golden hands. Next up was a trip to have another OPG X-Ray done (400Rupies) After that I was informed that we would start next morning with the extractions and Implants, go home and have a big Dinner and a sleep. As a dental coward, you can imagine how well I slept.

Next day I thought it was warmer then the Barometer read, but then again I was at the Dentist. I am even scared of Injections, no wonder I felt warm. Dr. Biju informs and explains as he works, so nothing comes as a surprise. After the first injection I was OK and started to relax. After all the Injections, which by the way where not to bad at all, my gums where num enough to work on. First off all the remaining loose and bad upper teeth where all pulled. The Implants where inserted, all eight of the upper and bone and Sinus grafts where performed, Implants capped and gums stitched.

I was handed antibiotics, painkillers and a mouth wash with thorough instructions about what to eat or drink and the hygiene of the mouth.

I felt great and had a good night’s sleep without pain or any discomfort and was totally relaxed to go on with the procedure over the next few days.

All in all I spent two weeks in Kerala and part of it was relaxing at the beach in Cherai before returning home to wait for six month so I could go back to get my real teeth, I was looking forward to that.

Can you imagine, me looking forward to go to a Dentist???? But my fear had gone.

29 April 2013, time to go back to get my new teeth, this time my wife Geraldine is coming along as we plan to have a holiday in Kerala at the same time. All the Implants have taken well and no more false Teeth, I am back being a gummy shark for the next week or so till my teeth are formed and fitted to the Implants, which by the way is all done at Dr.Bijus Lab at his clinic by his own technician. The preparation and fitting takes a bit longer then the Implants themselves, as it is rather delicate to get the bite and fitting absolutely perfect, as they are there to stay and one needs to be comfortable with ones own teeth!!! My wife Geraldine came along the second day and had a consultation with Biju about the state of her teeth, which by the way was a spur of the moment decision.

She writes;

In May 2013 I had eight crowns completed by Dr.Biju in a fast, efficient and professional manner.

His expertise, a result of his extensive Training at Cambridge (GB)

In Australia a crown costs $2000.00

Dr.Biju $250.00

An OPG x-ray in Australia $110.00

India $8.00

The 10 day accommodation in a Hotel cost $330.00

The Hotel was Central within walking distance to the Clinic, it was carpeted, had TV, Fridge, En-suite, AC, comfortable bed, Lift and Wi-Fi connection Cochin City is peopled with friendly smiles.

I am totally delighted with the experience and plan to return in the years to come to have the other seven crowns completed.
As you can see, we can afford to smile now.

By Christian Stucki (Australia)

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