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Dr. Thomas’ Dental Implant Clinic DMCC is not your typical dental practice. We’re a boutique clinic focusing on delivering personalized, comprehensive care. Our expertise lies in dental implant procedures and full mouth rehabilitations. Are you ready to transform your smile and reclaim your confidence? Step into our world of dedicated, intricate dental care.

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Dr. Thomas: A Pioneer in Dental Implantology and Your Partner in Oral Health

When it comes to dental implants, you want to be in the hands of a specialist. Someone who’s not just certified, but is globally acknowledged for their expertise. Meet Dr. Thomas, a distinguished Implantologist, certified by the D.H.A and trusted by thousands across the world for his mastery of complex dental implant procedures.

Embarking on his journey in the year 2000, Dr. Thomas has since dedicated his career to transforming smiles, whether it’s a single tooth implant or a full mouth reconstruction. But his skills don’t stop there. He’s also a Grade A Certified Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon by the M.O.H., extending his reach beyond just dental implants.

Today, he stands as more than just a dental surgeon. He is a source of reassurance for countless individuals, a pillar of proficiency, empathy, and unwavering commitment. Choosing Dr. Thomas’ Dental Implant Clinic means opting for top-tier dental care in Dubai. Isn’t it time you put your smile in the hands of a proven expert?

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Dental Implant For Severe Gum Infection

Dental implants offer a transformative solution for those grappling with severe gum infections, rescuing teeth that are infected, decayed, or damaged.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

For individuals with 80% or more teeth missing, our full-mouth dental implant treatment, featuring all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants, is a highly recommended path to rediscover your smile.


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Helio Carrilho (U.S.A)

VICKY-PITMAN dental implant client

Vicky Pitman & Antony Pitman (United Kingdom)

John_Meehan dental implant client

John Meehan (Ireland)

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Why choose Dr.Thomas Dental Implant Clinic?

  • World-Class Dental Implants: Trust your dental implant procedure to Dr. Thomas, a leading expert in dental implantology with a reputation that transcends borders.
  • Affordable Dental Implant Costs: The cost of dental implants in the UK, especially in London, can be daunting. Choose Dr. Thomas’ Dental Implant Clinic for a high-quality, cost-effective alternative.
  • Experience Dental Tourism: Combine your dental procedure with the chance to experience the incredible culture and beauty of Dubai or Kerala.
  • Certified Excellence: Dr. Thomas is not only a D.H.A certified Implantologist but also a M.O.H Certified Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon. You’re placing your dental health in the hands of a recognized expert.
  • Trust and Compassion: Our patients, both in Dubai and Kerala, trust us implicitly. We’re known for our dedication, compassion, and commitment to each individual’s dental health.
  • Beyond Geographical Boundaries: Though we have dental implant clinics in Dubai and Kerala, our high-quality dental services have no boundaries. We welcome patients from London, throughout the UK, and around the world.

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Dr. Thomas' Accomplishments and Recognitions:

  • Innovation in Action: Acknowledged by ICOI-USA for implementing the most advanced dental implant treatment techniques.
  • DHA Certified Specialist: Certified by Dubai Health Authority as a Specialist Implantologist, Consultant, and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Prestigious Memberships: Hold membership in the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (Maxillofacial), and the AOMSI, India (Association of maxillofacial surgeons).
  • Leading Implantologist: Serves as the Director and Chief Implantologist at both the Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in India and Dr. Thomas Dental Implant Clinic in Dubai.
  • Department Head: Leads the Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Hospital in Cochin as the Head of the Department.
  • Experienced Consultant: Serves as a Senior Consultant Orthognathic Surgeon at the A.B Shetty Dental College in India and Consultant Dental Surgeon at Hindustan Newsprint Ltd. and Indian Airlines in Kochi.
  • Charitable Work: Chairs the Sun Foundation, a charitable trust dedicated to aiding individuals with facial deformities.
  • International Experience: Former Maxillofacial Registrar at Cambridge University, UK, and at St. James Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Impressive Volume: Performs over 1500 dental implants annually, offering more than 20 types of dental implants.
  • Decades of Expertise: Boasts 23 years of experience in the field of dental implant treatment.
  • Advanced Procedures: Regularly performs sinus augmentation surgery with autogenous bone grafting and other bone augmentation procedures in routine dental implant practice.
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