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What happens if you refrain from Dental Implants?

What will happen if you do not get dental implants after losing a tooth?

Losing a tooth could be rather disappointing for many, for it has a psychological and physical influence on one’s life. Dental implants in UAE have grown so popular for the past few years for being the most successful and safe alternatives that would stand-in, perfectly, alternating missing teeth, restoring the natural look and performance.

Some might claim that dental substitutes are not the most suitable solution or that it is acceptable to move on with your life without that tooth. A single dental implant cost could be more than what is mentioned on the best dental clinic for implants in Dubai price list. The consequences vary among patients and relating to their hygiene habits and their medical conditions. What will happen to a patient who declines implants is rather the equivalent of why is it mandatory to alternate a missing tooth:

  • Teeth and Jaw:

Teeth support each other, resulting in that when one is missing, the neighboring teeth on either side can start to shift into the gap. Over time, it leads to a crooked smile and joint pain. Moreover, it might lead to the loss of the neighboring ones. It would lead to bone resorption. Osteoclasts break down the tissue in the bones, which releases the mineral and transfers the calcium from the bone tissue to the blood.

This happens when a tooth is missing because the tooth’s natural roots are no longer in the jawbone. This leaves a space, and over time, it causes the jawbone to deteriorate, weakening the entire bone/root-line since they simulate bone growth. When one or more teeth are lost, or extracted, it can cause the jaw to shrink within less than a year, consequently, altering the shape of the face.

  • The gums:

If the teeth shift, it becomes excessively difficult to reach all their surfaces when brushing and when flossing. This lets plaque to form and layer, increasing the risk of dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease that could possibly lead to further loss. In addition to gum diseases due to the gap itself left exposed to infections, inflammation and more. 

  • Chewing and Speech:

If the appearance does not affect the confidence of the patient, chewing is going to, because of single loss or multiple losses; chewing ability deteriorates, depriving patients of certain types of food. The speech also gets greatly affected, since the pronunciation of many sounds relies on the teeth.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Opting for an implant abruptly, saves any future costs, including treatments, alternating other solutions, fixing more issues resulting from teeth, jawbone, gums or nerves being affected. It will also save the patient the cost of braces as a solution for teeth getting crooked or shifting. In addition to saving the expenses of bone grafting, which is more painful and expensive than implants. Titanium implants replace the roots of the teeth, supporting the jawline, protecting the face from deformity, and the patient from moving between temporary fixes.

Looking after the dental health and hygiene is not something to be skipped or delayed, implementing habits that guarantee to look after the teeth and the gums, saves future worry and expenses. It is the first impression, the source of confidence and the front foremost defense shield. One issue in the mouth cavity could lead to more complicated health issues that would have an effect on one’s body and mind.

Dr. Thomas’s Dental Implant Clinic provides professional yet friendly care, designed based on international healthcare standards. Dr. Thomas himself treats all the patients with full dedication, connected with leading dental technicians with a 3-D precision bone scan facility, specialized high-end equipment for every task with diligent sterilization protocols. Dr. Thomas has focused on dental implant low cost in Dubai that not only treats dental problems but also compliment patients’ lifestyle and personal objectives. To learn more, book appointment at +971 44525751.


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