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The Benefits of Single Tooth Dental Implants


When a tooth is lost or removed due to periodontal disease complications, it affects the rest of the mouth dental soundness, speech and one’s confidence. Losing a single tooth could affect many aspects in one’s life. Losing a tooth leads to speech difficulty in some cases, eating difficulties in some cases and confidence issues might arouse.

Failing to replace a missing or extracted tooth can result in a myriad of other issues. Not to mention that almost everyone will lose at least one adult tooth with the age advancement.

For patients who have recently lost a tooth or will need to have a tooth extracted in the near future, single-tooth dental implants are one of the most effective and safe options as there are many advantages of a single-tooth implant over a bridge for example. Because single implants are easier to maintain, clean, and provide a better overall appearance than a bridge. Many patients find this obvious aesthetic effect to be a drawback of bridges, and a single-tooth dental implant negates this issue, which encourages the patients to pursue dental implants through dental implant clinics in Dubai or across the UAE.

Dental implants offer many benefits that other tooth replacement options simply do not have. Safety of the rest of the teeth and the jaw because implants placement is safe and supportive more over they do not affect the neighboring teeth. This means that the patient will benefit from having a restored, better-than-ever smile with no effect on your other teeth. The implant will act just as a natural tooth would. Other common treatments for a single lost tooth, such as a tooth-supported fixed bridge, requires that the adjacent teeth be ground down, and dental implants provide a clear alternative to these. Because dental implants replace the root of the tooth, the underlying bone is better preserved.

The implant will integrate with the rest of your jawbone, which helps it to remain intact, well supported, and healthy. Bridges cause some of the surrounding bone to deteriorate or leads to the dislocation or the rest of the teeth to move from their original position, which will eventually affect the roots and the nerves holding the neighboring teeth. The dental implant offers the benefit of maintaining the integrity of the dental and jaw structure.

Single tooth dental implants will support speech, boost confidence and protect the health of the rest of the mouth, gums and nerves. A titanium rod is anchored into the jaw or skull in the hole that has been left by the missing tooth and attached to the top of the rod is a small device that acts as a base for the crown. The orthodontist makes Crowns for the patient that are designed to match the tone and shape of the surrounding natural teeth, perfectly.

If you are pursuing a single tooth dental implant book your appointment now with the best Dental implant surgeon, Dr. Thomas, in Dubai and keep your smile complete.

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