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How to find the best dental implants surgeon?

How to find the best dental implants surgeon?

Dubai has become a vast pool of selections, and the best place to get top-notch medical and dental services in the region. It even attracts patients from all over the world. Teeth fixing cost in Dubai has become competitive and attractive compared to some countries such as the UK, Ireland, and even Australia. Opting for a dental implantologist in Dubai means you get expertise, and high quality at comparatively low rates, that flying to Dubai would still be more efficient.

However, you cannot simply walk into a clinic and get a dental implant; hence, it is not like a tooth extraction. When someone is considering going for dental implants to replace their missing teeth, they need to understand and accept that it is a big dental investment. The significant decision to make here is to choose a dental implant surgeon or an implantologist to decide on your treatment plan and perform the procedure.

Choosing the right specialist for you can sound a bit confusing, but with the right criteria and focus, it is not difficult. It is never enough to go on a search engine and punch in “The best dental clinic for implants in Dubai” for there are other factors to consider:


Ask people around you!

Hearing first-hand experiences with specialists is one of the most credible and honest ways to find a good professional.

Read different online reviews!

Checking online reviews on Google or social media channels helps with the decision. Former patients, who have had implants, post their experiences, sometimes, along with photos of their mouth.

Credentials and qualifications

Specialists are always on the top of the list when considering your choice, especially with a long-time dental investment like dental implants. Proper and specialized educational credentials raise credibility and confidence levels.


Do not be fooled by some professionals who overprice the services. Meaning, if you are located in Dubai, maybe you should ask yourself and people around you “what would be the dental implants cost near me?” It is fair to set expectations that expertise cost but within logical and reasonable rates.

Contact the dental implantologist!

Get in touch with your top choice; ask all the questions you have. Some might offer to give you primal opinions after looking at some tests and scans. If you already have some, it would be great to share them. You would be able to decide if the surgeon of choice is knowledgeable or not.


Dr. Thomas is a renowned name in the world of dental implantology, has been in the field since 2008 in JLT, With experience on his hands that stretches over 20 years, he has become one of the most internationally distinguished and acclaimed Implantologists in the world. With strong associations with many of the prestigious dental organizations, Dr. Thomas has earned his success attracting patients from Australia, New Zealand, The USA, The UK and more! Outranking his peers for his dedication and efforts in focusing on nothing but the patients makes him the best and the most stalwart Dental Implant Specialists in Dubai, UAE. Book an appointment today!

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Specialist Dental Implant Surgeon. Dr. Thomas is a highly...

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