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Dental Implants, The Best Option for Teeth Replacement


Missing teeth often limit people from living their lives to the fullest either by restraining them from indulging in their favorite foods or by spoiling their perfect smile. It makes them overall more self-conscious and limited. Modern day dentistry techniques have allowed for stronger and longer lasting solutions for problems like missing teeth such as dental implants. Dental implants consist of two portions, a crown, situated above the gum line, and a titanium root imbedded in the jawbone. Titanium metal has the quality of osseointegration, which is a process by which the metal fuses with the jawbone over the course of a few months (usually 2-4 months). First, the titanium root implant is imbedded in the bone by a minimum invasive surgical procedure and after a few months, when osseointegration has taken place, a crown is attached to the implant.

The Integrity of the Jawbone Remains Intact

Unlike most tooth replacement techniques, dental implants restore the entirety of the tooth from the root up, maintaining the integrity of the jawbone. Dentures and dental bridges are used to replace the portion of the tooth above the gum line; they consist of only a crown and no root implant. The lack of support and structure due to the absence of an anchoring root leads to the reabsorption of nutrients from the surrounding jawbone, ultimately causing jawbone degeneration.

The use of titanium implants as roots in dental implants not only secures the crown with a strong base, but also provides the jaw with the necessary support and structure needed to maintain its shape and density over the course of years.

A Stronger Alternative

Dental implants have the advantage of being imbedded deep within the jawbone, while dentures and dental bridges solely depend on the neighboring teeth for support. The deep anchorage of dental implants provides better structure and ultimately superior strength as compared to other teeth replacements. A wider variety of food can be chewed with ease without worrying about any damage to the crown. Moreover, the secure placement of the implants within the root prevents any slipping of the crown from its position, minimizing squeaky noise production during chewing.

Variety of Dental Implants

A variety of dental implants in Dubai is available depending on the patient’s needs. Patients with a single missing tooth can opt for a single tooth replacement while patients with more than one missing tooth can have multiple tooth replacements just as easily. The procedure of dental implants can be used to replace the entire teeth of the mouth and restore the perfect smile.

Long Lasting

If cared for properly, dental implants can last for more than 30 years. They are a much more durable option compared to other teeth replacements. Moreover, dental implants provide the most natural-looking results with no visible difference between the crown and the natural teeth.

Dental implants clinic in Dubai consists of the most highly trained personnel such as Dr. Thomas, an orthodontist surgeon. A leading professional in his field, Dr. Thomas is equipped with a superior skillset to restore a broken smile.

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