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5 Signs You Need to See an Orthodontist

5 Signs You Need to See an Orthodontist

Many may think that an Orthodontist in Dubai is mainly a cosmetic dental practitioner. Yet, a dentist is a general practitioner who treats and deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw, while orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites (front teeth), occlusion, and how straight the teeth are. Many visit dental clinics in Dubai pursuing comfort and confidence.
Comfort in the sense that, When teeth are overlapping, shifting or crooked, or the bite is ill-fitting towards a specific direction, one could experience head and jaw pain and be at a high risk of tooth decay. Straight teeth will allow comfortable chewing, clearer speech, and be easier to maintain teeth cleaning and oral health. Moreover, there are 5 unavoidable signs that one should pay an orthodontist a visit and they are:

After teeth filling or teeth decay it might arise to the surface that more protective measurements are to be taken. Tooth decay occurs when food left overs are forgotten on the teeth. When these deposits are near the gum line, this can then cause gum disease. Tooth decay could be prevented by a regular proper brushing. However, Brushing efforts might not be the most beneficial, if they the teeth are not perfectly straight as teeth crookedness will affect the effectiveness of brushing. Straight teeth mean, cleaner and healthier teeth.

Crooked, yellow smile affects self-confidence and self-worth. People refrain from smiling or expressing themselves openly when they know that the look of their teeth is not admirable or in some cases bearable. Orthodontist could help and having straight teeth, maintained teeth will definitely boost the confidence and stop gloominess and depression for it makes the person more ready to smile as research has shown that how frequently we smile is directly linked to how happy we are. Moreover, it could lead to a better psychological status, and consequently a promotion at work too, as studies have shown that people, who smile more frequently, are more likely to be successful in their careers.

Consistent regular headaches, neck aches or jaw pain, hearing popping sounds when jaw moves could be directly linked to malocclusion; a problem with the bite. Braces can fix this. And anyone would be pain-free in a matter of months, with an enhanced smile too.

Chewing difficulty could be another sign of malocclusion. Visiting an Orthodontist in Dubai give many solutions for this issue and guarantee an enhanced dental and oral health.

One more issue that could encourage one to visit, a dentist in Dubai or even better, an orthodontist, is having gaps among teeth, which can also be fixed by braces. It is a misconception that just because teeth are not sticking out, or pointing in the wrong direction, it is not a suitable condition for having a smile enhanced through braces. Upon further examination of a patient’s teeth a proper advice would be given on how to reduce the gaps in to perfect the smile.

Dr. Thomas Orthodontist Surgeon, and implantationist will give the best advice and consultancy on how to obtain a perfect smile and avoid any self-doubt with lifetime solutions, Book an appointment today. 

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