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5 Reasons why you should not be Nervous about Dental Implant Surgery

Reasons why you should not be Nervous about Dental Implant Surgery

Feeling anxiety over a dental implant surgery is natural and common amongst many people. Even going to the dentist for a consultation session can make some people nervous so considering a dental implant surgery can be understandably more stressful for them. It becomes even trickier when the dentist recommends multiple tooth implants, however, one must know that dental implant surgery is one of the least complicated surgeries of all.

It is important to choose the right clinic and a well-reputed surgeon to avoid complications during the surgery. There are many dental implant clinics in Dubai, however, only a professional dental surgeon like Dr Thomas Orthodontist surgeon can handle the surgery in a safe and efficient manner.

Here are the five major reasons why dental implant surgery is not something to be nervous about.

The dental Implant surgery is well-planned

An experienced dentist plans everything ahead of the surgery to make it completely stress-free for patients. Even if the early diagnosis suggests it is a complicated case, the dentist can use an X-ray or CT scan to plan and execute the surgery effectively. A professional surgeon in Dubai such as Dr Thomas first ensures the exact place where one or more implants are to be fixed and then decides the right time for the surgery.

The implant site remains numb during the surgery

A dentist commonly uses the anesthesia to numb the implant site during the surgery, which ensures that the patient absolutely doesn’t feel any pain. In this way, patients can get done with the implant while still being conscious. The dentists can also use sedatives for patients who feel too nervous during the surgery. A professional dentist like Dr Thomas will find a way to make the surgery completely stress-free for their patients.

There is negligible post-surgery discomfort

While the numbness of the implant site makes the surgery innocuous, there is also minimal discomfort after the surgery. The dental implant causes minor tissue disruption and even the small stitches are self-absorbing. Even if the patients might feel a little bit of pain after the surgery, it can be easily relieved with the help of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin.

Dental Implant Surgery has a High Success Rate

As mentioned previously, the dental implant is a well-planned surgery, which reduces the risk of failure to a bare minimum. The success rate of this surgery is quite high and patients can feel confident when considering the dental implant surgery.

The Implant looks Natural

Many people think that the dental implant will look unnatural, which makes them nervous when considering implant surgery. This is, however, not something to feel nervous about as the implants look completely natural and no one can differentiate between the implant and natural teeth.


You should always consult a well-reputed dentist for the dental implant surgery as an experienced dentist can make even the most complicated of surgeries absolutely hassle-free. One should get done with a dental implant as soon as the dentist recommends it as any delay can result in serious complications. Dental implants are usually very reliable and ensure longevity, so you should trust your doctor and get done with the surgery confidently.

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