Best Dentist & Dental clinic in Dubai

Globally recognised services giving genuine set of services under DMCC offering the most stable and trustworthy dental healthcare treatments. A dental clinic in al quoz with a team of most reliable and efficient members having years of expertise.

We at Dr Thomas build a strong bond with all our valuable patients, healthy communication establishes a long term relationship. Moreover we handle a unique and customer friendly way of dental care which is operated in an ethical as well as economically stable way.

The skillful maestros at Dr Thomas ensure the most effectual and speedy solutions related to oral health by considering the grievances of each patient with utmost care. We give the most worthy and rational dental care treatments served with an enormous amount of respect and compassion. Be it a faster remedy with quicker solution or a service which is durable, we certify the best choice of treatments which satisfy all your necessities. A planned and effective dental implant provider at al quoz giving client specific services keeps all the medical values.

Speciality of Dr Thomas is that we treat all its valuable patients equally, initially we check the issues in detail and according to the procedures. Secondly we plan the treatment with the much exceptional crew members to bring the most comprehensive and reliable mode of dental care. Before providing the treatment a patient is given all the relevant information regarding the procedures to be followed and the treatments given. We support every individual who approaches us with all the apt details of treatment thereby catering a transparent way of oral care.

Overall Dr Thomas service is known for its years of dedicated service to the society satisfying the most standardised system of healthcare.  

Why Choose Us?

Dr Thomas’s Dental implant Clinic stands different from the rest in many different ways.


  • An internationally recognised model of dental care service providing valuable solutions.
  • Dr Thomas treats each one of the patients by himself.
  • Oral rehabilitation and dental implant facilities are embarked on the same day with the “Patient first” method.
  • Most trendy 3-D precision scan is provided with the help of a master dental technician.
  • We follow the most hygienic sterilization protocol while using high-end equipment.
  • Faster appointments and management with accurate notification provided online.
  • Location of our clinic makes us approachable as anyone could easily reach us faster.
  • We use the latest technologies, provide a relaxing environment and friendly behaviour.
  • Waste management with the most eco friendly tools and equipment.
  • Our anaesthesia helps give the most painless treatments ever.
  • Patient satisfaction is our sole motto to give the best treatment at affordable rates.
  • Lifestyle treatment in association with the personalized goal accomplishments.
  • Safe and secure record management.

Change your personality with an improved lifestyle where your confidence is reflected. Dr Thomas’s years of commitment and dedication has attracted many.

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