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David Jones (United Kingdom)

I would like to thank Dr Thomas, his technician and his assistants for a most amazing experience at Scientific Dental Clinic. Having done a lot of research and after speaking with the two people from the UK who kindly posted their phone numbers on the website, I made the decision to go ahead and repair my teeth that had been very badly ground away and decayed over a number of years.

From the start of the treatment through to the brilliant end result I felt absolutely confident in Dr Thomas’ abilities and knew I had chosen the right professional.

I can now smile again after hiding my teeth for fifteen years. I look younger, feel more confident and am happily chewing all foods on both sides of my mouth, something I haven’t been able to do for a number of years due to extractions in my lower right jaw.

I cannot express how important it has been for me to do something of this scale for myself and how thankful I am to the excellent and most friendly Dr Thomas.

Hopefully like me you will never look back.

Dear Dr Thomas

I thought you would like to know that not only am I very happy with the work you did for me… I am now also a non-smoker and will never smoke again. I believe with your good work and the talks we had you helped me stop this awful habit. I feel like a younger man (and I can smile now to the whole world).

Best regards,
David Jones

United Kingdom
By David Jones (United Kingdom)

David Jones (United Kingdom)

Email: onlyjones@gmail.com

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Dr. Biju Thomas


(Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland) FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

Consultant Dental and Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist. Dr. Biju Thomas is a highly...

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