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Carmel Murray (Ireland)

Dear Dr Thomas , In 2004 I was being advised by my Dublin-based dentist that I needed very extensive and expensive dental treatment.

From reliable sources I heard about Dr Thomas and Scientific Dental Clinic in Kerala , India.

I made contact by email with Dr Biju and having outlined to him the extent of my gum disease, he advised me, subject to examination, the treatment that I would require and the likely cost of that treatment.

This difference in the cost which I had been quoted for the treatment in Ireland with Dr Biju’s quotation was very significant.

Before going go India to undergo the extensive dental treatment which I needed with Dr Biju, I had his credentials checked out. I confirmed that that Dr Biju had received his specialised maxillofacial fellowship from the Royal College of surgeons Ireland and was working as a senior specialist in the maxillofacial department in St. James’s Hospital in Dublin and had practised there for a number of years. I learned that he came highly recommended by his professional colleagues for his work while in that hospital. St James’s hospital NHS Trust is a tertiary referral centre for our country.

I went to India for the necessary treatment. I found Dr Biju to be very professional in his approach. In addition, his surgery in Cochin and his staff were excellent. I had dental implant treatment and other cosmetic dental treatment done there. The fees for the treatment were very reasonable in comparison with the quotes that I had been given at home.

On the basis of my own experience I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Biju to anyone wishing to avail of his professional services. Should anyone wish to get further assurances I may be contacted at telephone number 01 2304753.
Yours sincerely
Carmel Murray
Carmel Murray
Civil Servant (retired)
Formerly of the Department of Communications,
Marine and Natural Resources.

Republic of Ireland
Landline: 01 2304753
Mobile: 087 2622709
By Carmel Murray (Ireland)

Carmel Murray (Ireland)

Email: murray.carmellanne@gmail.com

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